Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Second Life Artist, Bryn Oh Resigns

Sadly, it is now official

Bryn Oh Resigns from LEA over LL TOS

‎10-05-2013 10:18 AM

This news had already been mentioned by the newly created United Content Creators of SL (UCCSL), but now she has formally announced it in her own blog with a full explanation of her decision.  This is another MAJOR BLOW to LL's credibility on their recent TOS Change that hi-Jacks IP content rights of all creators and artists of SecondLife.

Bryn Oh, one of SecondLife's most notable and famous Artists and a huge supporter of the art community in SecondLife has decided to resign from the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) committee as a direct result of LL's recent TOS changes on Aug 16th.

Looking for an In World place on Second Life to purchase some of Bryn Oh's pieces such as the ones below?

Click on picture for larger view

You can find them here at Ritual East;
Home of Bryn Oh Pieces for Sale and Display

Bryn Oh
In her first life, Bryn Oh lives in Toronto, Canada, and makes her living there as a painter whose work is sold by a major galley to collectors around the world. Having received her art education in Toronto and Florence, Italy, her paintings have been exhibited in many galleries in North America and Europe. A meticulous and highly skillful landscape painter, she uses high quality oils and acrylics that she makes herself from raw materials, working the paint with a wide variety of layering and sculptural brush techniques, on large canvasses that engulf the viewer in an almost immersive experience of the human impact on the natural world. In fact it is her interest in immersion that led her to experiment with the art of virtual worlds, and over the past year she has established herself as one of the finest builders and installation artists in Second Life.

Below is one of my favorite snapshots which I took at Immersiva which was one of Bryn's Worlds and I call it, UnScene Understanding.


Bryn Oh 58 Videos at